Ashley and Gia Primo- Test of Strength

Ashley and Gia Primo: Test of Strength

Ashley faces off against the legendary Gia Primo! She’s come back to Chicago, aka the breeding ground of badasses, to test the mettle of fellow Chicagoan Ashley Wildcat. Cuffed together at the wrist Gia taunts “Ready to get your ass kicked and face smothered in my tits?” and the battle is on! Ashley tries to use her longer reach to force Gia down, but Gia’s experience and arm strength soon prove to be too much as she takes Ashley to the ground. Ashley tries to fight back using her legs to clamp Gia in scissors but it isn’t enough as Gia pins her down, repeatedly choking, scissoring and mercilessly taunting Ashley. Gia finally ends the fight as she predicted, breast smothering Ashley out!

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