Ashleys Revenge Keri Spanked3

Ashley’s Revenge Keri Spanked

On her last trip to Keri Spectrum’s Ashley had her butt throughly kicked in a competitive match. She’s been fuming over her loss for months and confronts Keri demanding a rematch with a twist: the loser will be spanked with a wooden spoon. Ashley grapples Keri to the floor within seconds and shoves her between her boobs. She transitions to a frontal headscissor followed by a figure four. Keri barely manages to put up a fight as Ashley’s all over her with chokes and belly punches. Keri’s stubborn and refuses to submit despite the beating Ashley doles out. Ashely eventually gets her to tap in a reverse headsicssor then forces Keri to bend over for some hard spankings that leaves her ass red!

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